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Mar 23, 2020 17:08
Postponed Event

AveSui 2020: our commitment to biosecurity and food security

As a security measure, AveSui should take place between September 29 and October 1, 2020

Over 20 years, AveSui has consolidated itself as the meeting point for those active in the production of poultry and pigs. As we often say here: we meet daily in our news portals, monthly in magazines and annually in AveSui, which today is the main trade fair for poultry and pigs in Latin America.

The publisher Gessulli Agribusiness, which publishes the magazines Avicultura Industrial and Suinocultura Industrial and organizes AveSui, knows very well the importance of guaranteeing the health and well-being of both production animals and those who work in this very fundamental sector of Brazilian agribusiness.

For more than 110 years, the pages of our publications have contributed to the eradication of diseases in poultry and pig farming. Part of this story is the important work of the physician and scientific disseminator José Reis, who worked strongly in the fight against diseases in poultry farms throughout the country, which enabled the health advancement of this sector.

As it could not be otherwise, we are aware of what happens in the world. Our journalists and collaborators in the scientific world constantly and accurately address the facts and developments of the current health crisis faced by different countries, and now by Brazil.

It is with this in mind that we have decided, as a safety measure for our exhibitors and thousands of visitors that we receive annually at AveSui, to delay the date of the event. In the same place, Lar Centro de Eventos, in Medianeira, Paraná, we should meet between September 29th and October 1st, 2020.



The emergence and spread of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) brings out the thin boundaries between human and animal health. We have always been alert to this, having, in fact, held technical seminars on this topic. This year, we will once again bring to the event and, for the first time to Paraná, the scientific technical panel “One Health”. The initiative is free of charge and open to producers, industry professionals and students.

The panel will be headed by Juliana Cristina Rego Ribas, Production coordinator at Agroceres PIC, master in Animal Production from the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT). She explains that the concept argues that there is a very close link between the environment, animal diseases and human health. “Thus, it is very important to discuss it, because the interactions between humans and animals happen in different environments and in different ways,” she said.



AveSui’s organization always adopts biosecurity measures. These works were already  intensified in the 2019 edition, with the aim of preventing African Swine Fever (ASF) and Avian Influenza, which affect other countries. This year it won't be any different. AveSui follows the same guidelines of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (Mapa) and the Agricultural Defense Agency of Paraná (Adapar), which regulate good practices aimed at the prevention and control of infectious diseases, in order to ensure biosecurity in the national territory.

The organization of the fair always advises its exhibitors and visitors not to enter the event grounds with food of porcine origin. Similarly, those who have just arrived in the country should wash clothes, backpacks, handbags and shoes used in the country of origin. It is also important to sanitize cell phones, tablets, laptops and watches with alcohol gel sanitizer when returning.

In various spaces of the fair, there is always alcohol gel sanitizer, provided by the organization. In addition, footbath mats are arranged at the entrances of the event.

AveSui does not exhibit animals. Likewise, it does not promote or encourage visits to livestock farms or slaughterhouses in the region.



The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (Mapa), Tereza Cristina, said on Wednesday, 18th, that Brazilian agriculture continues to produce successfully, at this time of crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Brazil is a great barn, a food producer, and we do not need to have any negative expectations that we will not have food for our people,” she stated, referring to the changes in the routine of Brazilians imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The perspective of experts in Brazil and worldwide is that the case records of the new Coronavirus will begin to retreat by the end of May.

We believe that AveSui’s new date will allow the necessary investments to be made in the production chains. The animal protein sector, at which AveSui is aimed, is a source of income for millions of Brazilians and also guarantees food security for people all over the world.

We are available to our exhibitors, attendees and visitors to answer any questions about the event. The contact can be made by email [email protected] or by phone +55 (11) 93292.1843.

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