AveSui América Latina 2022   /   April 26-28
Dec 18, 2020 10:51 - Updated on 12/18/2020 11:16 AM
AveSui 2021

With an eye on the strong demand for 2021, CPM wants to consolidate its presence in western of Paraná

CPM, which serves feed production companies, points out that in 2020 the market reacted well to adversities

The adversities caused by the covid-19 pandemic affected several sectors of the Brazilian economy. Agribusiness, however, did not stop and continued to generate wealth and opportunities. The feed segment is expected to grow 4.6% in 2020, points out Sindrações, due to the great demand for Brazilian animal protein.

CPM, which serves feed production companies, points out that in 2020 the market reacted well to adversities and there was great demand for new projects and equipment for feed factories.

“We had great deals and projects throughout the year, despite the difficulties of the pandemic and the currency / currency factor, we continue to provide equipment, spare parts and even contracts for parts and services”, guarantees Evandro Magnus, the company's national manager.

According to him, the expectation for 2021 is even better. “The market is reacting very well and the demand for new projects for feed factories and expansions will certainly occur for the year 2021. The resumption of the segment with full force will be important for the development of the country, as well as for the generation of opportunities ”, He says.


In the year of resumption, CPM seeks to consolidate its presence in western Paraná, the main poultry and pork producing region in Latin America. “We are going to be at AveSui, which is an event that takes place in an excellent location and of extreme importance for Brazil, which is one of the world powers in the agribusiness”, he comments.

At its stand, the company receives the visit of producers and professionals from cooperatives and agro-industries both in the region, other states and even foreigners. “The exchange of experiences, information and technical knowledge stand out at the event, creating great opportunities for companies and customers to understand the growing needs and demands of the market”, points out Evandro, who will present the entire line of products and services for the feed sector animal

The company should present hammer and roller mills, pelletizers, automation, among others. “Our expectation for the next edition is to receive more visits to our stand, increasing and further consolidating CPM's presence in the Brazilian market and in South America”, he concludes.


With its 20 years of pioneering partnerships, technical seminars, launches and new businesses, AveSui has consolidated itself over the years as the meeting point for the poultry, pork and fish sectors in Latin America, always up to date and bringing news.

AveSui takes place on April 13th, 14th and 15th, 2021 in the city of Medianeira, Paraná, at the LAR Centro de Eventos, the news is many, both for exhibitors and for producers and visitors who will have AveSui happening near their home . The fair visit is free for industry professional.

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