AveSui América Latina 2020   /   July 28-30   /   Trade Fair 10am-6pm   /   Seminar 9am-5pm   /   Medianeira • PR • Brazil


Jun 06, 2019 13:38 - Updated on 06/11/2019 02:02 PM
Technical Programming

AveSui Eurotier brings step-by-step efficiency in feed mill

Event will feature a panel on feed production on farms to gain performance in animal husbandry.

The performance of feed manufacturing structures is a decisive differential in farms. Therefore, AveSui EuroTier South America 2019 organizes the Panel on Rationing Plant that will detail the theme to the congressmen of the event, which will take place on 23 and 25 July in Medianeira (PR).

The contents will be taught by Luiz Pereira and Rodrigo Beleboni, both technicians of the Buhler Group, who are graduates of the Swiss Institute of Feed Technology, who have decades of experience in diagramming, design, assembly and operation of feed factories throughout Latin America.

"The objective is to present, in a didactic and organized way, the main processes usually executed in a feed factory. The content will cover all the steps, from a technological perspective, showing the reasons, alternatives and peculiarities of each stage of animal feed production, "explains Rubem Groff, Buhler manager and Panel coordinator.

According to him, the contents will contemplate from the reception of the raw materials to the dispatch of the ration, going through dosage, grinding, mixing, sanitizing and pelleting, cooling and handling in general. Automation topics will also be discussed and some of the latest technology news presented.

The panel will be divided into 4 modules and will present the process of food production in an organized and didactic way, covering the most relevant points from a technological point of view.

"We aim to both inform and present an orderly and consistent view of the entire feed production process for a structured and comprehensive understanding of the participants on the key issues of quality and efficient feed production," he adds.

Other attractions

AveSui EuroTier South America 2019 innovates to be the most complete event in animal production for the poultry, pig, dairy and fish farming sectors.

The sum of the know-how and credibility of two of the world's leading meetings, AveSui and EuroTier, will bring a unique experience in innovation, knowledge, relationship and business in one place.

The Business Fair, for example, has already confirmed hundreds of exhibitors with the latest in solutions in the input industry. Access to the fair is free and allows visits to the Exhibition Hall, Granja Modelo, Auditorium of Innovations, Gourmet Area and Happy Hour in the stands, as well as the Farming Digital Space.

Already the congressmen also access to exclusive content such as the XVIII Technical-Scientific Seminar on Poultry, Pork and Fish; the IV Congress of Precision Animal Husbandry, Coffee Break, Event Catalog and Pasta, among other attractions.

Entries can be made here. Avoid queues with the credential ready and have an even better use of AveSui South America 2019. Get your seat in advance!