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Jun 11, 2019 14:39 - Updated on 06/13/2019 02:45 PM
Technical Programming

Companies that do not fit for animal welfare will be out of the market, says expert

The theme will be widely discussed during the wellness panel on egg production during AveSui EuroTier South America

Animal welfare is a topic that has become increasingly prominent in the animal production sector. For Dr. Iran Oliveira, professor at USP and speaker of the panel of Welfare in egg production during AveSui EuroTier is a path with no return. "Companies have to adapt to this theme because they will be out of the market if they do not meet, it is not an internal demand but an external demand, it is our customers and we must meet that," he emphasizes.

For him, the theme must be in constant discussion "The animal welfare theme should certainly be on all the wheels of discussion, from the investment wheels, wheels of results and when thinking about new perspectives related to the productive system."

Therefore, during the XVIII Scientific Technical Seminar that will take place between the 23 and 25 July during AveSui EuroTier South America, the theme will be widely debated. Oliveira is one of the speakers and will talk about aspects of animal welfare in the various egg production systems. "With regard to the productive system, in the panel of well-being animal we will be discussing the foci related to the current measures of the ministry of agriculture, focusing on the improvement of egg production, in order to clarify and encourage the producers in this transition period , what would be the best measures, the best methods of egg production, within the theme of animal welfare, "the professor details his lecture.

He explains that in his speech the congressmen will receive the basic information about what has been done internally in Brazil and what are the international demands on the system. "Today, the best decision-making is whether it is free-range, cage-free, No Cage, the conventional system, or enriched cages."

Another point highlighted by the speaker is the issue of investments in well-being. "We must remember that we are in a moment of transition and that investments should be focused on future demands, and when we talk about these future demands, certainly in egg production, we are talking about No Cage systems, without cages . "

The Egg Wellness Panel will be held on July 25 from 9:00 am on Avesui EuroTier South America. Entries must be made on the event website. A single inscription gives the congressman access to all the lectures of the IV Precision Livestock Farming Congress and to all the panels of the XVIII Scientific Technical Seminar, besides the trade fair, model farm, Farming Digital Space, Cooperative Space and Gourmet Arena.