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May 15, 2018 14:48 - Updated on 05/15/2018 03:14 PM

Cooperative enters the area of fish and launches filet of tilápia

In the packaging, the pieces are frozen individually for the consumer only use the necessary and save the rest

After decades of working in poultry, pork and dairy meats, Aurora enters a new sector of animal protein. The first fish product to enter the markets of the southern region of the Country and São Paulo is fillet of skinless tilapia.

The product is offered in three versions: pack of 2 kilograms (with 16 fillets on average), 800 grams (with six units) and pack of 400 grams (with three steaks).

Like all fish, it should be kept in a superfrozen state. Once thawed, it should not be frozen again.

In the packaging, the pieces are frozen individually for the consumer only use what is necessary and save the rest.

Aurora did not create its own industrial structure, but closed an intercooperation partnership with C. Vale Agroindustrial Cooperative based in the municipality of Palotina, Paraná. C. Vale owns an integrated production system and processes the product for the Aurora brand in the fish processing unit of the Santa Fe Line.

President Mario Lanznaster notes that "tilapia provide a good yield, three fish yield one kilogram. In addition, it is an activity that can be associated with the traditional and consolidated activities of swine farming, poultry farming, dairy cattle and grains. "

With a 50-year trajectory to be completed in 2019, Aurora consolidated as the third Brazilian company in the poultry and pork meat segment with 11.7% of the market. Sales in Brazil account for 75% of revenues. A quarter of total operating revenues were obtained in the foreign market, with products shipped to all continents, reaching more than 80 countries. As Central Cooperative, Aurora is owned by 12 agricultural cooperatives. Gross operating revenue in 2017 reached R$ 8.9 billion. Aurora Alimentos maintains more than 28 thousand direct jobs.

Adaptado da Assessoria de Imprensa / Adapted from Press office