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Mar 10, 2020 08:54

Discover how to add value to your property from biogas

During AveSui 2020, the Biomass and Bioenergy Workshop will make participants immerse themselves in the world of Biogas and get to know its production and application in depth.

Biogas is increasingly popular, whether for generating electricity or for use as a self-propelled biofuel. So again, at AveSui 2020 the sector is highlighted with a workshop dedicated to Biomass and Bioenergy, and this year with a change in its format. “What has changed for 2020 is that we bring a more innovative and dynamic proposal, applying knowledge to practice,” said coordinator Renata Abreu.

This year, in addition to the lectures, participants will see in practice the production of biogas and its application for power generation and also as fuel. "We are going to take a journey where the participant can answer questions and deepen their knowledge a little more in relation to the concepts and fundamentals of Biogas, and complement this knowledge with two technical visits of very innovative projects that are generating some interesting results" he added Renata.


Discussions regarding the biogas chain, as well as the bioenergetic sector, have been growing gradually and the bet is that starting in 2020 this will intensify more and more due to the implementation of RenovaBio, in force since January. "So we are not only looking at the chain that involves agribusiness focused on the production of animal protein, but also in a broader way that comes from the positive consequences of all this movement that has been consolidated", detailed Renata.

The coordinator explains this promotion to the biofuels chain and to an energy transition of the Brazilian matrix is ??in favor of sustainability. “And this sustainability, we don't just talk about the environmental issue, so in these models, including RenovaBio, we obviously seek return on investment, financial return, economic viability so that everything can happen. So I believe that biogas is here to stay and it is not for nothing that they are making the pun with the pre-salt, calling this opportunity in the West of Paraná the caipira pre-salt ”.


The Biomass and Bioenergy Workshop will provide an immersion in loco in the production of Biogas. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know in practice all the steps of the production process with guided visits to production stations, one to Itaipu Binacional and the other to the Entre Rios do Oeste plant. “Combining theoretical concepts with practical experiences is extremely relevant for those who want to deepen their knowledge about new technologies and existing technologies related to the production of biogas. The technical visits allow the participant to clarify doubts about a real need and ends up bringing the rural producer closer to a new business opportunity: the energy market ”, emphasized Renata.

In addition to theory and practice, networking will be stimulated to generate new partnerships and businesses “The proposal of the worshop is to bring dynamism and more connection opportunities for future businesses to take place within these interactions”, completed Renata.


The technical visit of the Itaipu biogas plant will bring participants the opportunity to visit a pilot biogas production unit where they will see everything they would need in a biogas plant. "They generate the biogas itself there and they purify the biogas for biomethane that is used in Itaipu's fleets." He described the coordinator.

In Itaipú, the participants will also know, in addition to the biomethane bioposition, a monitoring and control system with embedded technology, in which they can remotely monitor what happens in terms of biogas production inside the plant.


On this visit, an interesting feature is the production of biogas and its conversion into electrical energy. “It is also an R&D project between Copel and Itaipu through Cibiogas and other institutions. It is a mega plant, it has an onboard microgrid system, which is a micro network of electric energy, it is like having a mini copel in there controlling the consumption and distribution of electric energy through biogas ”, detailed Renata.


The animal production market has undergone constant changes in addition to the implementation of new technologies. That is why AveSui 2020 brings in its technical program many new features in the 2020 edition. In addition to the Biomass and Bioenergy Workshop, the event brings the 5th Livestock Farming Congress - Artificial Intelligence in Favor of Animal Production; methods of eliminating (euthanizing) poultry and pigs; production of free and antibioic free animals; meat processing and food security. Another novelty is the panel open to the public on unique health. Soon full schedule.

The first batch of registrations for discounted technical-scientific programming is now available and registration can be done through the link: https://www.avesui.com/credenciamento