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Dec 03, 2019 09:51

Discover the advantages of Intelligent Microcapsule

Developed by the King Techina Group, the Intelligent Microcapsule is a unique coating form designed for efficient nutrient delivery in farm animals.

The intelligent microcapsule which is a unique coating technology designed for targeted nutrient delivery in food production animals. Pioneered by King Techina, this patented coating process helps protect feed ingredients from heat, humidity, light, pressure and interaction with other ingredients during manufacturing and transportation.

 In this way, the feed additives remain stable until they arrive in the designated area of the animal’s small intestine where they are released. “The result is improved performance and feed efficiency in a variety of livestock species, including ruminants, poultry, swine and aquaculture. We also cooperate with companies to combine their ideas with our technology to create new products which include fertilizer and human pharmaceuticals”, explains Lucky Chen, KTG North America Global Marketing Director.

This technology will be within reach of AveSui 2020 visitors. KTG North America is one of the subsidiaries of King Techina Group which is based in Michigan U.S.A., will bring the technology to Brazil in July 2020. “Brazil is the significant market for us to develop our Latin American market and Brazil is as the center for us to serve our customers in Latin America. We believe AveSui 2020 can provide us with an extraordinary platform to promote KTG NA and our technology to Brazil and Latin America”, detailed the director

He explains that the choice for AveSui was for the fair's pioneering spirit in bringing new technologies to the market over the years. “AveSui has 19 years of product release, new service, professional meetings and leading partnerships. Besides, AveSui is recognized as an important meeting exhibition of the swine and poultry industries of Latin America by companies around the world”, complete Chen.

At AveSui 2020, which will take place from July 28th to July 30th, in Medianeira, Paraná, KTG will exhibit this technology for the various animal protein segments such as: Poultry: CM3000 Plus, Harvest Plus; Swine: CM3000 Plus, Harvest Plus, HoRiZnO50; Aquaculture: CM3000 Plus; Ruminants: IM-CHOL50, IM-MET75, IM-LYS50; Multi-species: LipidMate; Pharmaceutical: XinEn10, XinEn20.

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AveSui 2020
About KTG North America

KTG North America is one of the subsidiaries of King Techina Group which is based in Michigan U.S.A.. Throughout 2019, KTG NA celebrates its 20th anniversary. The company remains focused on powerful advancements in nutrient delivery and veterinary pharmaceuticals through our innovative coating technology. “We invite inquiries for R&D partnerships with manufacturers, academic institutions and others interested in improving the performance of food production animals”, stated Chen.

Trade fair

With its 19 years of pioneering partnerships, technical seminars, product launches and new business, AveSui was consolidated over the years as the meeting point of the poultry and swine industries of Latin America, always updated and bringing the latest news in this sector.

AveSui will be held on  July 28th to 30th  in the city of Medianeira, Parana State, in Lar Convention Center, in Brazil.  Visitors entry is free for professionals of these sectors.