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Feb 26, 2020 16:42
Animal welfare

Discover the benefits of using thermal tiles on farms

Kingspam Isoeste once again takes the Isotelhas to AveSui that promote greater comfort to the animals and bring better results to the producers

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Possilga covered with Isotelhas
Thermal comfort for animals on a farm is very important for the performance of either poultry or pigs. For this reason, the use of thermally insulated tiles guarantees less stress on animals and even improves feed conversion. “The use of Isotelhas and Isopaineis in poultry and pig farms provides reductions in construction time and in their costs. Due to the high thermal performance of the insulating core, the ambience is greatly improved; allowing a greater occupation of the Farm, an improvement in feed conversion, a reduction in the stress of poultry and pigs, and a reduction to almost zero maintenance ”details Sérgio Bandeira de Mattos, Director of Development and Market Relations at Kimgspan Isoeste.

Bandeira explains that by reducing the entry of heat into the environment, it can reduce the amount of air conditioning units. “This reduction can reach 40% to 45% in the purchase of air conditioning equipment and, consequently, in the cost of the monthly energy bill”.  Other advantages pointed out by him are:  “weight reduction in the roof, increase in the self-support of the tiles (spacing between the supports) ), consequently a reduction in the third of the roof, reduction in the assembly time, due to the quality of the Isotelhas there will be a greater guarantee in the tightness of the roof, reduction in maintenance, reduction in losses in construction, etc.”

During AveSui 2020, which takes place between July 28 and 30, in Medianeira, in western Paraná, Kimgspan Isoeste will present its thermal solutions, bringing all these advantages to the producer. “This year, we are going to present Isotelha aimed at installation in aviaries and pigsties and our line of refrigeration panels used in cold stores for the food industries. We will also present products for façades and our new product line called Benchmark. We will also present our wide range of doors that reach the segments of the food chain, the civil construction and industrial sector in general ”, says Bandeira

Pioneer in Brazil

Bandeira says that launched by Kimgspan Isoeste in Brazil 25 years ago, it is consolidated in the follow-up of animal production due to the results achieved by the main animal protein producers in Brazil and in Mercosur. “The first Isotelhas were produced with galvalume steel on the outside, EPS insulating core and on the inside PVC film. We made several evolutions in this material and today the product is produced with pre-painted steel on the outside, with insulating core in PIR-AP and on the inside in corrugated aluminum film.”

About Kingspan Isoeste

Kingspan Isoeste is a Global Company, with 110 plants in 90 countries, with 13,000 employees worldwide. Today in Brazil we have manufacturing plants in the cities of Anápolis / GO, Várzea Grande / MT, Vitória de Santo Antão / PE, São José dos Pinhais / PR and Cambuí / MG. “We are building the sixth plant in the North of the State of Santa Catarina, in the city of Araquari. We produce certified, sustainable, modular, lightweight, high-tech materials that provide lightness, speed, economy in coatings, energy consumption and construction time for façades, roofs and internal walls. Even in the crisis we are facing in Brazil, we have grown an average of 13% in the last 05 years ”, emphasized Bandeira.

About AveSui

With its 19 years of pioneering partnerships, technical seminars, product launches and new business, AveSui was consolidated over the years as the meeting point of the poultry and swine industries of Latin America, always updated and bringing the latest news in this sector. 

AveSui will be held on  July 28th to 30th  in the city of Medianeira, Parana State, in Lar Convention Center, in Brazil.  Visitors entry is free for professionals of these sectors.

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