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Jan 30, 2020 11:34
Animal welfare

Discover the technology that reduces piglet death by 80%

Balance System will be presented to Latin America during AveSui 2020

In the suckling phase, piglet mortality causes great economic losses for pig farmers. One of the factors that lead to the mortality of these Latvians is the crushing by the matrix, which has worried the daily lives of the producers, but the technology already helps to avoid these losses.

Nooyen's BALANCE system is a sophisticated system focused on reducing piglet mortality. “We prevent sows from lying on their piglets. As soon as the sow stands up, she activates a switch that raises the sow area to a safe height for the piglets, to prevent them climbing onto it. When the sow lies down again, the sow area is lowered to the same level as the piglet slat which enables the piglets to drink safely”, detail René Weernink, sales director of Nooyen. According to him, the use of this system results in 80% less crushed piglets and a fast pay back period with proven and reliable technique.

Focus on animal welfare

Weernink explains that Nooyen Pig Flooring's main business is to design and produce grid floor systems that adapt to modern agricultural entrepreneurs, with which they can obtain the best results. "For 2020, we hope to present a series of innovations focused on hygiene, animal welfare and maximizing the results of our customers", he emphasized;

System arrives in South America in July

The Balance System will be presented to South American countries in July of this year during AveSui 2020. “We also want to give a boost to the agricultural industry in South America with high quality products. Therefore, AveSui was a very good solution to show our solutions to the market. We experienced this as very positive ”, said the director.

The traditional poultry and pork sector fair, AveSui, takes place on the 28th, 29th and 30th of July 2020 in the city of Medianeira, in the west of Paraná with easy access for visitors from all over Brazil and from Latin America.

Nooyen Pig Flooring

Nooyen Pig Flooring, part of the Nooyen Group, is a growing company with a leading position in the international floor systems market in the pig sector. ”As a protagonist, we serve an increasing number of customers with a full range of floor systems grid”, says Weernink.

The company offers its resellers and customers economical and sustainable solutions, thus supporting the optimization of our target groups in terms of hygiene, well-being and animal return, and responding to the challenges of tomorrow. “We offer smart solutions through our own development (innovation), production and delivery. Various configurations can be produced by making smart use of the fixed product components. We combine technical insight with a healthy common sense, whereby the team takes personal efficiency into account for higher efficiency for the customer and the high requirements for safety and quality standards. We provide comprehensive advice and service and technically very high-quality solutions”, added the director.

About AveSui 2020

With its 19 years of pioneering partnerships, technical seminars, product launches and new business, AveSui was consolidated over the years as the meeting point of the poultry and swine industries of Latin America, always updated and bringing the latest news in this sector.

AveSui will be held on  July 28th to 30th  in the city of Medianeira, Parana State, in Lar Convention Center, in Brazil.  Visitors entry is free for professionals of these sectors.