AveSui América Latina 2020   /   July 28-30   /   Trade Fair 10am-6pm   /   Seminar 9am-5pm   /   Medianeira • PR • Brazil


Dec 10, 2019 08:40

Feed Factory Management and Automation helps meet increasingly stringent production norms and standards

SigaFran is a system designed for control, management, automation and traceability of feed mills, meeting the needs of broader and more complete control of the production process.

Animal feed and nutrition production is increasingly automated and digital, following the agro 4.0 trends. Automation and management systems, in addition to being increasingly complete, are increasingly present in the production units.

SigaFran, for example, developed by Só Automação is a system designed for the control, management, automation and traceability of feed and feed mills, meeting the needs for a broader and more complete control of the feed production process that currently needs meet increasingly stringent production norms and standards.

Claudenei R. Schumann of the Automation and Development department of Just Automation explains that the system provides the plant with more safety, quality and production efficiency, real-time process analysis, fewer operating errors and fewer handwritten documents, which ensures a saving time and reducing production costs.

“The System is developed with state-of-the-art technology, being a modular and expandable system, easily adaptable to the needs of the production process. It can include the Receiving, Analysis, Transylation, Dosing (Automatic and Assisted Weighing), Mixing, Grinding, Pelletizing modules. , Extrusion, Shipping (Bulk and Sack), Traceability, CEP (Statistical Process Control), Maintenance and Data Integration (SRP's)”, Schumann detailed.

The Innovations in the SigaFran System regarding assisted weighing, auditing, new look and version of the system, greater use with mobile devices, among others, will be presented at AveSui 2020, which will take place on July 28, 29 and 30 in Medianeira, Paraná. In the 2019 edition, the company brought this technology and had positive results. “We exceeded our goals, contacts were made, deals were closed and the indicators set a new record for the company”, said Edilson José Mischaut, from the company's commercial department.

About Só Automação

Só Automação is a company with extensive knowledge in the area of ??feed and animal nutrition factories, in which it has been operating for many years with prominence throughout the national territory. Realizing the need for a broader and complete control of the feed production process, aimed at meeting the demands and standards of the world consumer market. It was from this that we launched the SigaFran program with the objective of control, management, automation and traceability of the entire feed and animal nutrition factory, providing total control from the receipt of raw materials to the dispatch of the finished product.

Vocation for Business

AveSui reaches its 20th Edition  and continues to be the juncture where poultry and swine industries of Latin America get together. Visitors have the  opportunity to interact with exciting companies showcasing their new  and innovative technologies and solutions for this sector. Organized  at a modern fair ground that occupies a total of 9,200 square meters,  exhibitors can enjoy access to both an indoor and outdoor area and entertainment opportunities.

AveSui will be held on  July 28th to 30th  in the city of Medianeira, Parana State, in Lar Convention Center, in Brazil.  Visitors entry is free for professionals of these sectors.