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Oct 28, 2019 14:50
New Technologies

How artificial intelligence is already changing animal protein production

Farmers and industry must be aware of existing and future-market technologies, so that changes will take them by surprise.

Animal protein production in Brazil has grown a lot in the last decades. The country is the second largest producer and the main exporter of chicken meat in the world. Similarly, it is one of the largest producers of swine protein. How to continue growing in a scenario of technological evolution? The answer is in the adoption of disruptive technologies that are already transforming production, argues Professor Iran José de Oliveira, from Esalq / USP, who should coordinate the 5th Precision Livestock Farming Congress- “Artificial Intelligence in favor of Animal Production”.

Artificial intelligence and new technologies related to it will create major impacts on supply chains, available or teacher. “There is no doubt about the great contribution that artificial intelligence is making to the productive system in general. This will take into account the animal as a biosensor, as sources of single, direct and at the same time response to managers, practitioners, practitioners, an information bank that can feed the system itself, and increasingly taper into the reductions of changes and adjustments needed for different companies, for different producers and for different stages of the chain, ”explains Iran

According to the coordinator of the 5th Precision Livestock Farming Congress, it is important to discuss how these technologies are being used in Brazil. He points out that some are already arriving, especially in the area of ?? slaughterhouse. "Robotics is here, there are already some robots within the production system, increasingly working efficiently, robustly, also working artificial intelligence as a database forming a large amount of information for the supply chain," he says. Professor Iran states that in this edition of the Precision Livestock Farming Congress the main approach will be the applications and the evolution of artificial intelligence applied in pig and poultry production.

"Brazil is one of the largest producers of animal protein in the world, so it needs to be aware of these new changes, preparing for these new technologies that are contributing to the reduction of losses, maximizing production processes," he says. According to him, it is also important to bring existing and available technologies to the future market for farmers and industry, so that these changes do not come suddenly and catch them by surprise.

For the coordinator, the arrival of new technologies is much faster than the preparation to incorporate them into the production process. "Because this is where we have to be cautious, evaluating the issues of technical and economic viability within the national productive reality”, he says. Iran Oliveira concludes that what the attendees of this edition of the Precision Livestock Farming Congress should expect is innovation, which is what the latest technologies are really emerging for the next five years.

About the Congress

The 5th Precision Livestock Farming Congress - “Artificial Intelligence in favor of Animal Production” takes place at AveSui - Latin American Poultry, Swine, Fish and Milk Industry Fair, which will be held in Medianeira, Paraná, from 28th to 30th, July 2020. The congress takes place on the first day. The full schedule should be released shortly.

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