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Feb 12, 2020 15:27
Technical-scientific programming

Instituto Oswaldo Gessulli opens registration for scientific papers

Awards will be made during AveSui América Latina on July 30

Aiming to encourage new research and studies for the development of agribusiness in Brazil, the Instituto Oswaldo Gessulli promotes for the eighth consecutive year the presentation and award of scientific papers, developed by researchers, students and professionals from the sectors involved.

The award ceremony takes place on the last day of AveSui, the largest animal protein fair in Latin America, during the 19th Scientific Seminar of Poultry and Swine and the 5th Precision Livestock Farming Congress.

For the coordinator of the IOG Scientific Award, Fabiana Ribeiro Caldara, professor at the Federal University of Grande Dourados, having this award at the fair is very important, since the products sold today have already gone through the research process and, for students, having recognized the your scientific study is an achievement. "The works have a very relevant quality, unfortunately we can only choose two from each area for the oral presentation, but the quality has improved every year", adds the coordinator.

In the 2019 edition the award-winning research was “Effects of Probiotics for Piglets in Daycare: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Studies”, presented by the Master's student at the Federal University of Grande Dourados, Isabella Cristina de Castro Lippi. For the master's student, the award was a recognition of the work developed. “It is very cool when we can show results that are important for Science, this recognition makes me very privileged and honored”

The material can be sent through the link: https://en.avesui.com/trabalhos-cientificos/inscricao until midnight on May 29th. Abstracts sent after this deadline will not be accepted by the Commission. Each registration will be entitled to send up to TWO abstracts, and each abstract may have up to FIVE co-authors;

The papers will be pre-evaluated by the Scientific Committee and the best twelve will be presented by their creators to the evaluation table. The areas will be divided into: ambience, health, production and management, pig and poultry nutrition and precision zootechnics.

The complete regulation can be accessed at the link: https://en.www.avesui.com/trabalhos-cientificos