AveSui EuroTier South America 2019   /   July 23-25   /   Trade Fair 10am-6pm   /   Seminar 9am-5pm   /   Medianeira • PR • Brazil


Feb 04, 2019 17:03
Aninal Health

International Association presents new technologies in animal health at AveSui EuroTier South America

Eight companies associated with Kapha will present a wide variety of products at the fair that take in place in June in western Parana.

AveSui EuroTier South America will bring a Korean pavilion, organized by the Korean Association of Animal Health Products (Kahpa). Eight companies associated with the entity will present a wide variety of products at the fair that will be taking place in July in western Parana.

Kahpa is the representative association of producers and importers of animal health products in South Korea. It was founded in 1992 and currently consists of more than 100 companies. "Our main efforts are to maintain harmonized cooperation between the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and the government, working towards efficient control of animal diseases and higher quality of animal welfare," said Sunghyun Hong, the association's representative.

Hong emphasizes this Korean pavilion will feature eight producers with a wide variety of products, designed and produced to assist in the daily maintenance of poultry, livestock, pigs, pets and also the latest diagnostic equipment. "We believe that livestock producers in Brazil and neighboring countries should also benefit from our high quality products, with the background of one of the most developed technological cultures in the world. That's why we chose AveSui EuroTier South America as our first choice when we introduced ourselves on the market", he says.

For him the choice to present his products at the fair is due to the expertise of both organizers. "AveSui's strong network and experience in the exhibition of animals from EuroTier were more than enough to get our attention, and we are excited to be there and meet all the participants”,he adds.

In addition to classical and newly developed feed additives and antibiotics the Korean pavilion will also feature the latest technology in vaccines and diagnostic devices. Kahpa and participants hope AveSui EuroTier South America will serve as a point to build a strong partnership, bringing together knowledge and production in the real application for better and healthier animals in Latin America. "AveSui will be a great opportunity to build new connections and share information for progress in our field", Hong concluded.


AveSui EuroTier South America 2019

Date: July,  23rd, 24th and 25th,  2019

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