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Feb 11, 2020 15:56 - Updated on 02/12/2020 04:00 PM

Kingspan Isoeste initiative benefits Medianeira Nursing Home

Sale of donated materials it was possible to buy geriatric diapers

In an initiative by Kingspan Isoeste, an exhibitor of AveSui América Latina, materials that would be discarded became resources for the community of Medianeira, Paraná, Brazil. The city has hosted the poultry, swine and milk fair since 2018. The tiles from Kingspan Isoeste, which covered the equipment exhibition space, Granja Modelo, benefited the Medianeira Nursing Home.

With the sale of donated materials it was possible to buy geriatric diapers, which will benefit 18 residents of the home, who are bedridden.

For the Medianeira entity, which serves 37 elderly people, Kingspan Isoeste's gesture was very welcome. The donation was of great value to those assisted by the Home. Kingspan Isoeste confirmed participation in this year's edition of AveSui América Latina.