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Jun 05, 2019 15:54
Trade Fair

Medi Nova arrives at Avesui EuroTier with technologies for artificial insemination

Company will present at the event its preservative semen diluent Formula

Medi Nova, an Italian company focused on porcine reproduction with 23 years of history in the formulation and production of preservatives and semen diluents for artificial insemination, arrives for the first time at AveSui EuroTier South America. The company has been working in recent years in partnership with the University of Parma and launching new products with new technologies in semen preservation.

For Francesc Gomez, Medi Nova business development manager, participation in events is very important for the market “For companies like us always immersed in new investigations, developments etc.. exhibitions are our showcase to the world giving the possibility to let the market know about the last advances. Any market is an alive subject, in continuous change, and for this reason we need to collect needs and worries trying to anticipate solutions to future problems”,  affirms.

Gomez points to the importance of the fair to approach Latin America “don’t want to miss the opportunity to be present in the first Eurotier South America edition. We have many customers and partners in the area and our duty is to be there to support and promote products with them”.

The highlight of Medi Nova for the event will be the semen diluent and preservative Formula. “With Formula we help farmers and producers to maximize and achieve better reproductive and economical results. The same number of boars could produce a larger number of doses because the sperm cells are keep in better conditions, allowing many of our customers to reduce concentrations in the insemination doses using the best genetics”, explains the manager.

Gomez says that other products of the portfolio will also be in evidence at the fair “Our products is unique, the Energy Control applied permits that nutrients are released to the media through the time assuring the presence of nutrients during all the time of preservation and the indirectly allow the reduction in antibiotic content, consumers demand wholesome animals, we are part of a responsible food supply”.

Trade Fair

With its 18 years of pioneering partnerships, technical seminars, product launches and new business, AveSui was consolidated over the years as the meeting point of the poultry and swine industries of Latin America, always updated and bringing the latest news in this sector.

In 2019, an unprecedented partnership between Gessulli Agribusiness, organizers of  AveSui  and  DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts Gesellschaft-German Agricultural Society), organizer of  EuroTier, will lead to the West of Paraná the largest  poultry, swine, fish and dairy exhibition of  the continent: AveSui EuroTier South America in Paraná Brazil. 

This joint initiative is to the showcase the expertise of both institutions in the organization of trade shows in animal farming industry. AveSui EuroTier South America will be held on  July 23th to 25th  in the city of Medianeira, Parana State, in Lar Convention Center. 

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