AveSui América Latina 2020   /   July 28-30   /   Trade Fair 10am-6pm   /   Seminar 9am-5pm   /   Medianeira • PR • Brazil


Dec 05, 2019 17:18 - Updated on 12/06/2019 11:24 AM
Technical Program

Need to discuss and diffuse changes in the animal protein industry

In addition to the Precision Livestock Farming Congress focusing on Artificial Intelligence, AveSui 2020 brings in its Technical Seminar themes that are trends within animal protein production.

The livestock market has been constantly changing beyond the implementation of new technologies. With more conscientious and demanding consumers, many aspects of production must be disseminated and discussed further.  For this reason AveSui 2020 brings in its technical programming many new features in the 2020 edition, check out:

5th PRECISION LIVESTOCK FARMING CONGRESS: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN FAVOR OF LIVESTOCK: Starting with the 5th Precision Livestock Farming: Artificial Intelligence In Favor of livestock, the event will address technological transformations in the animal protein industry. Artificial intelligence and new technologies related to it should have major impacts on production chains, says Professor Iran José de Oliveira, from Esalq / USP, who coordinates the Congress. “There is no doubt about the great contribution that artificial intelligence is making to the productive system in general. This will take into account the animal as a biosensor, as a single, direct response source while providing managers, administrators, and professionals with an information bank that can feed the system itself and that is increasingly funneling in the reductions of losses and adjustments needed for different companies, for different producers and for different stages of the chain”, says Iran.

DISPOSAL METHODS (EUTHANASIA) POULTRY AND SWINE: But it is not only new technologies that have changed the way we produce. During the 19th Technical Seminar, other relevant topics will be addressed, such as Methods of Elimination (Euthanasia - Poultry And Swine) In Animal Production. The panel coordinated by Juliana Ribas, Production Coordinator at Agroceres PIC, Master in Animal Production at the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT), will bring the recent regulations on animal welfare in the production chain. “We need to disseminate this knowledge in the field, making clear the importance of euthanasia within the production process as an indispensable condition for sustainable production,” said Juliana.

FREE ANTIBIOIC FREE ANIMAL PRODUCTION: Another point that is becoming increasingly prominent and also being demanded by the consumer market is the production of organic antibiotic free chickens. Today large retail chains and even fast food chains have been concerned about the welfare and demanded animal protein produced under these conditions. That's why the Free Animal Production and Antibioic Free panel will address all the points of this production trend that has been winning the markets.

VACINAL IMMUNOLOGY AND VIRAL DISEASES: In addition to concern for well being, health is also an important topic to be spread, keeping the animal healthy from birth to slaughter is essential, so Vaccine Immunology and Viral Diseases will be the subject of another. panel that will bring congressmen the latest advances in animal health.

MEAT PROCESSING AND FOOD SAFETY: Meat Processing and Food Safety are not left out. As in the production process, meat processing has also been undergoing transformations, with stricter legislation and also with greater sanitary demand from the foreign market due to the concern with Food Safet.


Another novelty of the technical-scientific programming is the Biomass and Bioenergy Workshop, which will provide an on-site immersion in Biogas production. Participants will have the opportunity to know in practice all the steps of the production process with guided visits to production stations. “Joining theoretical concepts with practical experiences is extremely relevant for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of new technologies and existing technologies related to biogas production. The technical visits allow the participant to clarify doubts about a real need and eventually bring the farmer closer to a new business opportunity: the energy market”, emphasized Renata Abreu, director of NRG Sustainable Solutions and coordinator of the Workshop.


Startups have been instrumental in speeding the arrival of innovations in the field. Through them the research leaves the paper and becomes tangible and reaches the productive environment to give more efficiency and quality in production. That's why at AveSui 2020 they will be present at Arena Startups presenting the most diverse solutions to the production system.


AveSui will take place on July 28, 29 and 30, 2020 in the city of Medianeira, Paraná, at the LAR Events Center, the news is many, both for exhibitor and for the producers and visitors who will have AveSui happening near their home. . The visitation to the fair is free for professionals of the sector.

Traditional reference in spreading the knowledge to the sector, AveSui organizes for 19 years several panels always with updated themes and reference for the sector. In addition to the Technical Seminar and the Congress, researchers and students may submit their scientific papers for the Oswaldo Gessulli Institute awards.