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Jun 10, 2019 10:00 - Updated on 06/11/2019 02:24 PM
IV Precision Livestock Farming Congress

New technologies are the next decade's challenge for livestock

During the IV Precision Livestock Farming Congress Prof. Dr. José de Oliveira da Silva will address disruptive technologies in animal production - present and future

For Prof. Dr. José Oliveira da Silva, lecturer at the IV Precision Livestock Farming Congress, among the great challenges within the animal protein chain for the next decade is the adoption of new technologies to increasingly improve the reduction of losses and maximizing, the gains. "That way we will provide the producer, the companies with better quality products with greater efficiency and with a better financial return for all," he adds.

Silva explains that we must that the chain must be prepared for animal production 4.0. "We have to be prepared for this change that comes at an ever-increasing speed and that can not take our production chains unprepared," he points out.

The theme will be discussed on June 23 during the VI Congress of Precision Zootechnics within AveSui EuroTier South America. "This is the great importance of bringing a chain to fulfill the requirements of the advantage that allows us to achieve and so that the paths are being taken towards the improvement of the advantages and the gains of the productive chain", affirms Silva

According to the professor the highlight of his talk will be where the sector can reach and what technologies we have available. "The highlight will be exactly where we will arrive and how much technologies are available and that researchers today have to think ahead of their time advocating for the future."

The advantage of investing in these technologies is related to being following the technological changes that happen over the years and improving the productive system more and more, thus avoiding the reduction of losses.

The speaker stresses that artificial intelligence-related tools work in the process of identifying bottlenecks and at the same time work on data that can be more assertive in decision-making and these decision-making are actually based on reliable historical data with greater accuracy. "So I believe that every artificial intelligence process involving all mathematical tools provides assertiveness of the actions" finalized.

The lecture "Disruptive technologies in animal production - Present and Future", which will be taught by Prof. Dr. Iran José Oliveira da Silva during the IV Precision Animal Science Congress will be from 14:45 on June 23. Registration is limited and must be done through the event website.

According to the congress coordinator, Dr. Fabiana Ribeiro Caldara, the subject of precision zootechnics covers different applications for the poultry, pork, beef cattle and milk sectors, as well as for optimizing performance in fish farming. "The event will address proposals to promote digital transformation in livestock, as well as topics related to the use of computer vision to identify thermal and behavioral patterns of production animals and the potential of using infrared thermography in predicting energy requirements of birds and pigs" , quote.

XVIII Technical Scientific Seminar

In addition to the IV Congress of Precision Zootechnics, the technical program of AveSui EuroTier South America also has the XVIII Scientific Technical Seminar, which will be held during the three days of the event.

There will be nine panels and workshops that deal with various topics related to animal production such as biosecurity, disposal methods, market, feed mill, meat processing, Artificial insemination, egg production, biomass and bioenergy and Psiculture.