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Nov 05, 2019 13:40
Trade Fair

Success in 2019, BTA returns to AveSui in 2020

For the next edition, the company will present releases and innovation for poultry and pig farming

BTA first participated in AveSui in 2019 and was a success for the company. “The fair was very productive. We received countless visitors, customers, producers, people who came to know more about the company and our products, as well as suppliers and friends. It was one of the best fairs of the year for BTA”, said Ernani Bello, BTA's commercial director.

“We are suppliers in this important chain. Slaughterhouse, reputable dairy and equipment manufacturers for these segments are part of our clientele”, explains Schubert. At AveSui, the company seeks to expand its presence and participation in this important market segment.

Given the good results for the company, in 2020 BTA will return to AveSui Latin America. “The number of visitors and stakeholders, contacts made and prospects. The fair was the door of many businesses for our company. We have a lot of work ahead resulting from contacts made at AveSui”, said the director.

For the next edition, the company is already preparing the news to be presented. “In 2020 we will have more news, other releases and innovations in the area of ??poultry and pig farming. In this sense, the fair is an excellent opportunity to spread these news and expand our range of clients throughout Brazil”, emphasizes Bello.

For him, the fair proved to be an excellent partner in promoting the brand, products and launches. “In addition, it is the opportunity to network with this region, which is very rich in producers, cooperatives and companies that are part of the agribusiness chain. The location of the fair, in the poultry and swine production center, allows us to be in contact with a much larger number of people in just three days of the event ”, he adds.

José Dornelles, BTA's chief operating officer, who was in the 2019 edition, said the fair brought many business opportunities. "I think it was well worth it, good contacts and networking business opportunities and we are very happy for the amount of customers that came to our booth, for the opportunities they generated", he said.

For Dornelles, the fair brought a new challenge for BTA to increasingly structure itself to meet the demand generated at Avesui. "It makes us have to structure ourselves more and more to introduce ourselves to the market. So this is very beneficial for us, bringing these opportunities and challenges that we will face from now on," he afirm.

About AveSui Latin America

With its 19 years of pioneering partnerships, technical seminars, product launches and new business, AveSui was consolidated over the years as the meeting point of the poultry and swine industries of Latin America, always updated and bringing the latest news in this sector. 

AveSui will be held on  July 28th to 30th  in the city of Medianeira, Parana State, in Lar Convention Center, in Brazil.  Visitors entry is free for professionals of these sectors.