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Nov 19, 2019 13:20

With new automation technologies Bühler continues to invest in research and development

Company develops many types of sensing applied at various factory sites, as well as making automation increasingly accessible remote

Buhler has made great strides in developing feed production monitoring and automation devices. To this end, it is developing various types of sensing to be applied at various parts of the factory, as well as making automation increasingly accessible remotely. “In addition to the usual vigilance on variables such as temperature, vibration, energy consumption and others of this type, we have recently developed two devices that add relevant control in manufacturing processes. One is the online NIR (called DCMA) that allows you to measure, in real time, the moisture, fat and protein content of raw materials and end products”, explains Rubem Groff, Value Nutrition Sales Manager, Brazil at Bühler Group.

It is an equipment designed to work in a heavy industrial environment and greatly helps in optimizing formulations ensuring economy, proper nutritional composition and traceability. The other is an online feed size distribution meter (called DYTA) that allows detection and prompt action in case of deviations from the desired size. For Groff these two equipments bring new technological level to feed plants, allowing unprecedented ability to control the feed manufacturing process. “And remote access to automation via the internet or the 'cloud' extends control possibilities; and new control and optimization services are already being offered when process data is analyzed by Bühler experts who return with recommendations, control and optimization. The result is the overall increase in plant efficiency, whether in cost, reliability or production capacity”, he said.

Groff explains that Bühler has a broad portfolio that enables the complete supply of feed and premix plants. “We are promoting our Kubex T direct drive pelletizing line more intensely. It's a proprietary technology unlike anything else in the industry, making it the most reliable and efficient equipment you can get.” In addition, the company is very active in premix plants, a segment in which it has a leading position, both in technology and in number of plants installed annually in the world. The Asia branch alone provides something like 10 premix plants per year. “And, needless to say, all of this equipment and facilities are accompanied by the latest technological developments produced at Bühler's laboratories and research centers around the world.”

Buhler is present in more than 150 countries, and all of them in South America. We have three factories in Brazil, two in Argentina and one in Colombia and have already confirmed their presence at AveSui 2020. “We have participated in several events on the continent that help us in interaction with the market. AveSui, in particular, has been effective not only in the Brazilian market, but also in Paraguay and Argentina, given the proximity of the event to these two countries”, said Groff.

For him, the Brazilian animal protein production segment is going through a good moment and has a promising future. “Several external and internal drivers animate the sector and Brazil's vocation for this activity is unquestionable. As someone has said: we are doomed to success”, concluded.

AveSui 2020

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