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Jun 07, 2019 08:20 - Updated on 06/11/2019 02:13 PM

With support from Agroceres PIC, Quem é Quem Award reaches its decisive phase

With the period of registrations finalized, the work of evaluating the questionnaires for the elaboration of the ranking of each one of the eleven categories begins. The winners will be announced at the official AveSui EuroTier opening on July 23.

The Quem é Quem Award: Biggest and Best Brazilian Poultry and Pork Cooperatives enters its decisive moment, with the evaluation of all the questionnaires sent by the cooperatives.

The analysis will result in a specific ranking for each of the eleven categories, determining their finalists. The winners will be presented at the official opening of AveSui EuroTier South America on July 23 in Medianeira, Parana. The 2019 edition of Quem é Quem Award counts on the "sponsorship presents" of the breeding company Agroceres PIC, which for the second time supports the realization of the award, and the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives (OCB) as an patron.

"Cooperatives have played a central role in the development of Brazilian pig farms, which has been achieved with strong investments in the activity, incorporation of high technology in their production systems and obtaining zootechnical indexes of excellence, accompanied by a clear concern for the well- being and the generation of income for the producer in the field, "comments Alexandre Furtado da Rosa, director of the Agroceres PIC Superintendent. "With the growing role in agribusiness, it is fundamental to have an award that recognizes this advancement of cooperatives, rewarding both efficiency and innovative initiatives applied within the animal protein production chain," he adds.

The Quem é Quem Award is a project of the Industrial Swine and Industrial Poultry magazines, published by Gessulli Agribusiness. In its fourth edition, this year's award will include eleven categories: Economic-Financial Performance, Environmental Responsibility, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Best Cooperated (Poultry and Pigs), Best Technical / Technical Assistance, Innovation, Operational Management, Cooperative Women, Retail and Biomass & Bioenergy.

The collection of information, data analysis and ranking of each one of them is in charge of the Markestrat company, led by the professor and agribusiness market expert Marcos Fava Neves.

The 2019 Who's Who Award is open to all AveSui EuroTier South America visitors and exhibitors. It is expected that CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs and directors of companies and cooperatives, as well as authorities and a large number of cooperative and family members will be present on July 23rd, from 6 pm at the Lar Centro de Eventos in Medianeira, Paraná.