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Biogas Workshop - Learning in practice 15/04/2021   /   09:00

Another novelty of the technical-scientific program is the Workshop on Biomass and Bioenergy, which will provide immersion in loco in the production of Biogas. Participants will have the opportunity to know in practice all the steps of the production process with guided tours to production stations. “Combining theoretical concepts with practical experiences is extremely relevant for those who want to deepen their knowledge about new technologies and existing technologies related to the production of biogas. The technical visits allow the participant to clarify doubts about a real need and ends up bringing the rural producer closer to a new business opportunity: the energy market ”, emphasized Renata Abreu, director of NRG Soluções Sustentáveis ??and coordinator of the Workshop.


Biogas Workshop - Learning in practice

15/04/2021 09:00
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