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Personalities 2006

Brazilian Poltry and Swine Industry
Personality Award | 2006

Mr. Décio Bruxel

Brazilian Agribusiness Personality

Décio Bruxel

Agronomist graduated from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), came to Patos de Minas (MG) in 1976. Attracted by the opportunities generated by the Cerrado Land Development Program (Polocentro), created by the federal government to develop and modernize agriculture in the midwest and west of Minas Gerais State, he begins soybean farming. In 1978, began the production and marketing of soybean through DB Sementes. Pioneer in using center pivot irrigation in the region, in his plantations in Varjão de Minas. In 1984, added two more activities to his business, coffee farming and swine breeding. Two years later, begins a tomato plantation. Would come to plant beans, wheat and rice later on. In cattle, began to work with rearing. In swine breeding, introduced in Brazil the DanBred breed, from Denmark, creating the company DB-DanBred. In all, six thousand wombs of his own, and another eight thousand more distributed in partner centers and multipliers. The group employs 647 staff, and generates numerous indirect jobs. President of DB-DanBred, Décio Bruxel still occupies important positions in various entities of the industry. Vice-president of the Association of Swine Breeders of Minas Gerais (ASEMG), member of the Technical Swine Breeding Commission, and the Commission of Grain and Cereals of the Federation of Agriculture of Minas Gerais, and president of the Association of Producers of Seeds and Seedlings of Minas Gerais (Apsemg). In 2005, was awarded the Medal of Legislative Merit of the State of Minas Gerais. Also received the Rural Entrepreneur Award from the Federation of Industry and Trade of Minas Gerais for entrepreneurship and development brought to the southeast and northwest of Minas Gerais.

Mr. Mario Sérgio Cutait

Brazilian Aviculture Enterprising Personality

Mario Sérgio Cutait

Born in São Paulo in 1960, Mario Sergio Cutait is graduated in business administration from Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC/SP). Managing Director as well as Director of the Division of Animal Health of the M. Cassab Group, he joined the company in 1978. Founded by his grandfather in partnership with a brother in the late 1920s, then known as J. Cassab & Companhia, processed coffee and rice in the interior of São Paulo. The company opened branches in the municipalities of the Piracicaba region, and in the late 1940s, moved to Sao Paulo, incorporating new areas. It then became known as M. Cassab. Today, the company operates in eleven business areas and undergoes international expansion. In 2003, already under his administration, opened an office in China to expand relations with this important market. Since August 2004, occupies the presidency of the National Association of Animal Feed Industry (Sindirações), formerly its director. Member of the Agribusiness Supply Chain Committee of the Industries of Sao Paulo State (FIESP), representing Sindirações in the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF), an agency officially consulted by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in issues related to animal nutrition.

Mrs. Masaio Mizuno Ishizuka

Brazilian Aviculture Personality Technical Area

Masaio Mizuno Ishizuka

Professor emeritus of veterinary epidemiology, infectious disease epidemiology, animal health and animal diseases program planning, health and biostatistics education; Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics of Universidade de São Paulo (USP) from 1966 to 1996, in the undergraduate and graduate courses. Once retired, worked as a consultant with the official offices of Health Defense in different states. In Sao Paulo, worked in the Coordination of Agricultural Defense of the Secretariat of Agriculture, and develops activities related to health emergencies and contingency plans. Former coordinator of the State Committee for Avian Health, where she is currently vice-coordinator. Postdoctoral in Epidemiology Research Methodology from Nihon University, Japan. Visiting professor at the graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Universidade do Oeste de Santa Catarina (Unoesc), Xanxerê campus (SC). There, she lectures epidemiology applied to poultry and swine, as well as in the Videira campus (SC) of Unoesc. Visiting professor of postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Food Engineering of UNICAMP in epidemiology of food borne illnesses. Also holds the title of specialist in aphtae epizooticae disease, brucellosis, rabies, management of laboratory animals and exotic diseases. Consultant to the Coordination of Full Technical Assistance (CATI), and member of the Swine Health Board of the State of São Paulo.

Mr. Olinto Rodrigues Arruda

Brazilian Enterprising Swine Breeding Personality

Olinto Rodrigues Arruda

Multivalent Entrepreneur, began in pig farming 28 years ago. Adopted a pioneering management project confined in Itu (SP), initially with 60 wombs in his Água Branca Farm. Innovative, the project was of great impact and effect at the time, and was adopted in different versions by a large number of pig farmers. The Água Branca farm is among the most modern and productive in the country, with production estimated at 200,000 animals in 2006. The property was the first to receive the São Paulo Swine Seal, certification issued by the Department of Agriculture and Food Supply of São Paulo, to certify the origin and quality of pork produced in the state. Agronomist graduated from Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz (Esalq/USP) in 1973, he holds a specialization in agricultural law, real estate, hotel and restaurant administration, and economics. Vice-president of the Association of Swine Breeders of São Paulo (APCS) and the Mixed Agricultural Cooperative of Itu, presiding the Pork Industry Board of the State of São Paulo between 2002 and 2005. In addition to devoting to swine breeding, rears cattle, cultivates coffee, citrus, maize and soy. Partner of companies Campus Engenharia, Nova América Empreendimentos Imobiliários and Concórdia Construções e Comércio, which engage in the development and implementation of housing development, urbanization, construction and management of shopping malls.

Mr. Fernando Pandolfo Bortolozzo

Brazilian Swine Breeding Personality Technical Area

Fernando Pandolfo Bortolozzo

Degree in veterinary medicine from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), and a doctorate in animal reproduction from the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany. National president of the Brazilian Association of Swine Specialist Veterinarians (Abrava) from 1995 to 1997, Chair of the 10th Congress of ABRAVA, in 2001. Coordinator of the postgraduate program in Veterinary Science at UFRGS in 2001/2002. Published over 70 articles in scientific journals and presented about 200 technical papers in scientific congresses. Author of three book chapters, and several texts for technical journals. Participates as a speaker at various national and international events. Directed or co-supervised 28 dissertations and five PhDs. Conducts research in the pathophysiology of animal reproduction with emphasis on pigs, and coordinates a group of about 30 undergraduate and graduate students in the Swine Department of UFRGS. Professor of undergraduate and graduate courses in Veterinary Medicine, and level 1C researcher of the National Scientific and Technological Development Board (CNPq).

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