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Personalities 2007

Brazilian Poltry and Swine Industry
Personality Award | 2007

Mr. Avelino Costa - Fundador da Pif Paf

Brazilian Agribusiness Personality

Avelino Costa - Fundador da Pif Paf

Born June 22, 1934, in Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal), Avelino Costa began his life in business eight years old. With his father, began buying and selling sheep at popular fairs. At age 10, became respected by older, highly experienced dealers in the business. He is proud of the lessons he learned from his parents, as a family or business. At age 18, decided to migrate to Brazil and became a naturalized Brazilian. Here, in addition to starting a family, was elected to Congress as Federal Deputy for the State of Minas Gerais. With his dedication, built Pif Paf, today among the largest companies in Brazil in the industrial sector of poultry and pork. The company stands out in the Brazilian and international scenario. Its products are exported to places such as: Japan, Hong Kong, China, the Middle East, and others.

Mr. Avelino Augusto dos Santos - Fundador da Granja Brasília

Entrepreneurial Personality of Brazilian Poultry Meat

Avelino Augusto dos Santos - Fundador da Granja Brasília

Born in Palmital, district of Pará de Minas (MG), he joined his father's business at 17. He worked day and night and the sale of groceries thrived gradually. In 1970, Santos managed to obtain capital for a new venture, aviculture. The next four years were divided between Rio Branco and Granja Brasilia Poultry Farm, with two thousand chickens in Palmital. In 1974, he left the groceries business and started to invest more in poultry. His poultry went up to six thousand, boosting the deployment of another Brasília Poultry Farm in Limas de Igaratinga (MG). Granja Brasilia creates many direct and indirect jobs, selling to several states, especially those in the Northeast, as well as Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.

Mr. Vicente de Paula Pinto Assumpção - Fundador do Aviário Santo Antonio (ASA)

Entrepreneurial Personality of the Brazilian Egg Industry

Vicente de Paula Pinto Assumpção - Fundador do Aviário Santo Antonio (ASA)

After graduating in accounting from Instituto Mineiro de Administração Contábil (Imaco) in 1959, he joined the poultry industry. In 1963, became partner of Abatedouro Frango do Dia chicken slaughterhouse. In his career, amassed extensive experience as a partner and founder of Aviário Santo Antônio (ASA) in 1968. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASA. President of the Association of Poultry Farmers of Minas Gerais (Avimig) from 1978 to 1980 and from 1988 to 1990. Founded the Union of Poultry Products Industries of the State of Minas Gerais, and was its president from 1994 to 1996. Led the Poultry Commission of the Federation of Agriculture of Minas Gerais (Faemg) for two terms, and was a member of the Agribusiness Trade Association of the State of Minas Gerais for two terms. Also held several positions in the Brazilian Poultry Union (UBA).

Mr. Emílio Elias Mouchrek Filho - Presidente do Conselho Técnico e Científico da Avimig

Brazilian Aviculture Personality Technical Area

Emílio Elias Mouchrek Filho - Presidente do Conselho Técnico e Científico da Avimig

Born in Sao Luiz (MA) in 1945, graduated as an agronomist from Escola de Agronomia da Amazônia de Belém (PA). Later, obtained a master's degree in animal nutrition and began working in aviculture in 1966. The opportunity came as a trainee at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) of Belém, where he took his first course in poultry. At the time, Mouchrek became responsible for the commercial farm and hatchery at Escola de Agronomia da Amazônia. Specialist in poultry, worked as chief technical officer of Emater in Pará de Minas (MG), and as chief technical and administrative officer the unit and in the regional coordination of the small animals (poultry and pigs) project. Former technical director of the Pilot Farm, with units in Taubaté (SP) and Tremembé (SP), the third largest poultry farm in the country. Former aviculture researcher for the Agricultural Research Company of Minas Gerais (Epamig), and coordinator of the State Program for Aviculture Research. Worked as deputy head of the Department of Animal Science at Epamig, Head of Technology Propagation, Head of Production Department and Aviculture Consultant (production and environment - Environmental Licensing and Water Concession) to 15 companies. Has worked since 1999 as technical editor of Avimig magazine, having written and published 50 technical articles. President of the Scientific-Technical Board of the Association of Poultry Farmers of Minas Gerais (Avimig).

Mr. Glauber Souza de Machado - Consultor da Integrall Soluções

Brazilian Swine Breeding Personality Technical Area

Glauber Souza de Machado - Consultor da Integrall Soluções

Born in Brasília (DF), graduated in veterinary medicine in 1992 from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG). On the completion of the course, Glauber showed interest in the pig sector and obtained a master's degree in swine nutrition, and a doctorate in animal science with emphasis on nutrition-immunity and interactions between nutrition and reproduction in pigs. Between 1992 and 1994 began working in technical field assistance to producers in the South, Southeast and Midwest. Between 1995 and 1999, worked directly in the breeding of pigs, and was directly in charge of the production of core-poultry farms and genetic material multiplication farms. As a member of the "technical platform", participated in the establishment and management of production systems in Brazil, Mexico, the United States and Europe. He is a partner of Integrall Soluções em Produção Animal, working as consultant in the areas of production, management, health and scientific experimentation.

Mr. Fernando Antonio Pereira - Diretor Superintendente da Agroceres PIC

Brazilian Enterprising Swine Breeding Personality

Fernando Antonio Pereira - Diretor Superintendente da Agroceres PIC

Agronomist and holder of a Master's degree in animal breeding, began his career as a professor in the Faculty of Zoology of Uberaba (MG). Specialist in genetics, the agronomist saw in Agroceres PIC his opportunity for professional growth. Joined the company in 1983 as a swine researcher and geneticist. During this period, had several technical and administrative responsibilities in the swine business, genetics of poultry and animal nutrition. In 1997, took over as superintendent of Agroceres PIC. In 2009 was appointed President of the Agroceres Group. He has published several articles and technical papers in scientific journals and media specialized in swine breeding.

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