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Personalities 2008

Brazilian Poltry and Swine Industry
Personality Award | 2008

Mr. Milton Conte

Brazilian Aviculture Enterprising Personality

Milton Conte

Born in Nova Petrópolis (RS), Milton Conte is graduated in mechanical engineering. At age 55, is considered as a great entrepreneur of the aviculture equipment market. Began his professional career in 1972 as buyer of Rossi Zimmermann's poultry equipment. In 1977, purchased 25% of Rossi Zimmermann, which became Avimec Indústria e Comércio de Equipamentos Ltda. In 1986, purchased another 25% of the company and became its Commercial Director until 2000, year it was sold. In 2001, founded América do Sul, aviculture equipment company, and has been running it ever since. Also contributed to the technological development of the industry when he brought the automated gas-heating system to Brazil in the 1980s. Pioneered the implementation of nipple-type poultry drinkers. Brought to Brazil in 1990, through international partnerships, acclimatized, nipple tunnel-type sheds. Also popularized the manufacturing of acclimatization system fans. In South America, his greatest innovation was the improvement of automated division of poultry rations from their first to last day of life. Developed a dish that enables the implementation of a Dish Transfer System, enabling automated division of rations in the young chickens area.

Mr. Egladison João Campos

Brazilian Aviculture Personality Technical Area

Egladison João Campos

Born in Belo Horizonte (MG) in 1935, Egladison João Campos graduated in veterinary medicine in 1961 from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG). Professor in PhD in Aviculture, lectured until 1992, when she retired. Also worked as director of the Research Center of the School of Veterinary Medicine, and as head of Zootechnical Department of UFMG. Supervised 48 theses for master's degrees and six dissertations for doctorate's degrees in poultry production. Has 152 scientific papers published in specialized national and international magazines, and lectured in several congresses and seminars in Brazil and the world. Also worked as technical consultants in several Brazilian and Latin American companies such as Hygen, Ceave, Regina Alimentos, Granjas União, Nutriall Alimentos, Biomix, Organizações Francap, San Fernando (Peru), Avícola Agoyan (Ecuador) and Comagro (Bolivia). Received some distinction awards during his career, such as the plaque from the Ceará State Aviculture Association (Aceav), for his contribution to the development of local poultry production; Saturnino de São José commendation from the government of Minas Gerais, and Silver Medal from Cambridge University in England, for being among the top 2,000 scientists of the 21st Century.

Mr. Reinaldo Migliavacca

Brazilian Enterprising Swine Breeding Personality

Reinaldo Migliavacca

Born in Guaropé (RS) in 1923, Italian descendant, and patriarch of a traditional family of Rio Grande do Sul. Began breeding swine in 1947 with Granja Ideal, a poultry farm installed in the municipality of Casca (RS). Began initially with the breeding of animals for reproduction, and ended up investing in genetic improvement. The initiative represented significant advancements in Brazilian swine breeding between 1956 and 1985. Dedicated to the propagation of the Duroc breed with the import of reproducers from the United States. Subsequently, introduced the Landrace breed with imports from Denmark, Germany and Belgium. Migliavacca is one of the initial exponents of genetic improvements of national swine breeding. Has always participated actively in organizations dedicated to Brazilian swine breeding. Also one of the founders of the Brazilian Association of Swine Breeders ("ABCS"). In addition, Granja Ideal was one of the farms with the highest number of wins in Duroc and Landrace exhibitions, having disseminated the lines of swine reproducers in the farthest regions of the country and in some nations of South America, consolidating his initiatives in the national swine breeding industry.

Mr. Nelson Morés

Brazilian Swine Breeding Personality Technical Area

Nelson Morés

Veterinarian graduated in 1980. He holds a master's degree in animal pathology from the Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnical School of Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG). From 1980 to 1981, worked in the Animal Defense department of Santa Catarina's Integrated Agricultural Development Company (Cidasc). In 1984, joined Embrapa Poultry and Swine. As of 1989, coordinates Ecopathology research projects with the objective of identifying risk factors linked to major swine breeding diseases. Over the period, worked as research manager. Worked as National Poultry and Swine Research coordinator for two years, and Head of Research and Development of Embrapa Poultry and Swine for another two years. In sequence, headed a series of experiments directed to the study and control of micobacteriosis in swine in Brazil, and coordinated a project for the eradication of Aujeszky disease in Santa Catarina. Also headed a research project aimed at the production of swine in family farming without the need for the use of growth antibiotics, working as collaborator in several swine health research projects.

Member of the National Swine Health Committee and swine health consultant. Has 28 scientific papers published as author, 55 as co-author, 28 scientific and technological articles published, 40 papers presented in congresses, and three published books. Swine breeder since 1991.

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