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Personalities 2015

Brazilian Poltry and Swine Industry
Personality Award | 2015

Professor Horácio Santiago Rostagno

Technical Personality of the Brazilian Poultry and Swine 2015

Horácio Santiago Rostagno

Professor Horacio Rostagno was one of the developers of the Brazilian Tables of Food Composition and Nutritional Requirements for Poultry and Swine, launched in 1983. They gathered in a didactic way and easy to handle the results of several theses on topics approached the poultry nutrition and pig. Before them, the references used in Brazil were based on studies or international tables. Our honorees graduated in Agronomy from the Universidad Catolica de Santa Fe (1966), master's degree in Animal Science from Purdue University (1970) and a PhD in Animal Science from Purdue University (1972). He is currently a professor at the Federal University of Viçosa. He has extensive experience in Animal Science with emphasis in Animal Nutrition. Acting on the topics: poultry, liver, chickens, protein, tannin and sorghum.

Mr. Marcelo Lopes

Personality of the Brazilian Poultry Industry in 2015

Marcelo Lopes

Marcelo Lopes was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais and was a child to Brasilia, where he discovered the pig industry through his father. He holds a degree in Business Administration and a graduate degree in Business Administration. He served as parliamentary adviser between 1993 and 1998. He is a rural entrepreneur of the grain industry and swine producer for over 15 years, and also act as an entrepreneur in the bakery area. He chaired the Swine Association of the Federal District for two terms. In 2011 he agreed to command the Brazilian Association of Swine Breeders (ABCS) where permace as President until the present day. Our honored, has among its goals articulate solutions to the demands of pig farmers in our country and has for throughout his career, although young, data wide and promising steps to put the Brazilian pig farming at the highest level in Brazil and abroad.

Dr. Francisco Sérgio Turra

Brazilian Personality of Poultry Industry 2015

Francisco Sérgio Turra

Simple, humble and aggregator man, our honoree has real respect for the family. In political and at all stages of their life course events, photo album records the presence of Glaci wife and children Márcio, Sergio, James and Luciana.

Since entering politics in 1978, his family accompanies it. In his words he says "I owe everything to my family, especially the strength in difficult times and the joy of living the great moments of unity, harmony and love." Graduated in law from the University of Passo Fundo, in 1968, our honored never forgotten his roots. So consider his greatest achievement have afforded their children a good education and training, preparing them to face and overcome challenges.

His presence in front of the Ministry of Agriculture is one of the most beautiful pages of the recent political history of our country. A man of the land, the small-town field, becomes minister in the government that transformed the country. And he did, in the ministry, a piece of this transformation. And today, as President of ABPA is indispensable figure in discussions and directions of the productive chain of poultry and swine in these markets, the end of 2013 had a GDP of R $ 80 billion and earned the country exports nearly $ 10 billion, the equivalent of about 10% of foreign sales of agribusiness.

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