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Personalities 2017

Brazilian Poltry and Swine Industry
Personality Award | 2017

Mrs. Christine Maziero

Poultry Technical Personality

Christine Maziero

Graduated in veterinary medicine by the State University of Santa Catarina (2003), Christine has expertise in health of poultry and swine and in business management and a master's degree in Animal Science. Built your entire career in the private sector, working in different areas such as Animal health, broilers, strategic projects, Ambience, Turkeys and currently holds the position of Corporate Manager of Poultry of the BRF, where for 14 years began operations as intern.

Mr. Nilson Olivo

Swine Technical Personality

Nilson Olivo

Administered by professional training companies, Nilson Olivo created and released the Map of the swine, in FLAIAS ' 90, contributing actively to the development of Brazilian pig farming, especially with actions to encourage the consumption of pork in the country. Today's social project coordinator: Plant well and you will reap well.

Mr. Gilberto Francisco Hobold

Business Personality of Poultry

Gilberto Francisco Hobold

Franke Holdbold-business administrator graduated from the old educational foundation of Criciúma (UNESC), Gilberto Francisco Holdbold, better known as Franke, Holdbold acts in the area of poultry equipment for over 35 years and is responsible for the implementation of the Plasson Brazil's company, where he serves as General Director of the company in Latin America since the year of 1,997.

Mr. Mario Faccin

Business Personality of Swine

Mario Faccin

Known as the largest single producer of pigs from Brazil, the veterinarian Mario Faccin acted as  swine enterprises for more than 20 years before founding the agribusiness Master. Currently the company has eight units in different cities of Santa Catarina and Goiás, plus a slaughethouse,  feed mills and 31000 matrices

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